UK Open Qualifiers 1 to 3

The PDC have concentrated the UK Open qualifiers into two long weekends of three events, each being a £50,000 tournament, featuring over 200 players!  PDC Tour Card Holders are joined by PDPA Associate Members in bidding to qualify for March’s Coral UK Open Televised Finals.

The first three day qualifier had the players gather in a packed hall in Wigan…

UK Open Qualifier 1

Round 1:  Bye
Round 2:  Dean Winstanley 6-2 Carl Abbiss
Round 3:  Dean Winstanley  6-4 John Bowles
Round 4:  Dean Winstanley 6-0 Mathew Edgar
Round 5:  Dean Winstanley  2-6 Justin Pipe

£1,000 won on day 1, which will probably be enough to qualify for Minehead.

UK Open Qualifier 2

Round 1:  Bye
Round 2:  Dean Winstanley 6-3 Jim Walker
Round 3:  Dean Winstanley 6-2 Colin Fowler
Round 4:  Dean Winstanley 5-6 Ricky Evans

£500 won on day 2, £1,500 total so far, which must see Dean in the TV finals already.

UK Open Qualifier 3

Round 1:  Bye
Round 2:  Dean Winstanley 4-6 Kyle Anderson

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