Players Championship 5&6 in Wigan

Players Championship 5&6 in Wigan

Saturday and Sunday saw the PDC ProTour weekend in Wigan, with Dean joining the other 127 elite darts players.

The Robin Park Tennis Centre hosted 128 players over two days, and in each competition as they competed for the £10,000 first prize and £50,000 in total prize money.  The games are ‘behind closed doors’, with no public allowed, and are the real bread n butter of a professional darts player.

It may not be on TV, but the prize money on offer is high, and very important across the year!

Players Championship 5

Round 1:  Dean Winstanley (29) 6-2 Chris Aubrey
Round 2:  Dean Winstanley 6-3 Ryan De Vreede
Round 3:  Dean Winstanley 6-4 Kim Huybrechts
Round 4:  Dean Winstanley 6-2 Keegan Brown
1/4 final:  Brendan Dolan 6-5 Dean Winstanley

A good day at the office, with £1,500 won in the first of two events, Dean being stopped in a very close game against the day’s winner Dolan.

Players Championship 6

Round 1:  Dean Winstanley (27) 6-3 Ricky Evans
Round 2:  Dean Winstanley 6-3 Arron Monk
Round 3:  Dean Winstanley 6-1 Peter Wright
Round 4:  James Wade 6-1 Dean Winstanley

Another £1,000 won, including a great win against premier league player Peter Wright.

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