Over the Top in Wigan; UK Open Qualifiers 5&6

Over the Top in Wigan; UK Open Qualifiers 5&6

UK Open qualifiersOver 200 PDC darts fans headed to Wigan (again) for two more UK Open qualifiers, which of course included Dean and the rest of his MDA managed team-mates.

With just £200 won so far towards qualification (some say £800 may be required), it’s an important (but not make or break) weekend – with Dean looking to take the pressure of the final qualification weekend by earning at least £600 this weekend.  Dean obviously has the game to have a long run at any time – but the completely open draw nature of the UK Open floor events does make it tough for all players.

Qualifier 5

Round 1:   Dean Winstanley 1-6 Mark Webster

Qualifier 6

Round 1:  Dean Winstanley Bye…
Round 2:  Dean Winstanley 6-5 Chris Mason
Round 3:  Dean Winstanley 4-6 Wayne Jones

£200 more won by Dean – so that’s now £400 towards UK Open qualification, and more will be needed in two weeks.

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