Final Three 2015 UK Open Qualifiers

UK Open qualifiers again in Wigan, and each of the three £50,000 PDC ProTour event features over 200 players, with PDC Tour Card Holders joined by PDPA Associate Members as the second day of the weekend’s treble-header.

Another three day ‘weekend’ of darts for Deano, as he continues with the second half of the UK Open Qualifiers.  After a decent first three days qualifying, with £1,500 already earned a place in Minehead guarenteed, Dean can relax a little and try and play his game under less pressure.  Making the top 32 seeds would be a great result, as they miss the first two rounds in Minehead.

Coral UK Open Qualifier Four
Friday February 20, Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

Round 1:   Dean Winstanley Bye
Round 2:   Dean Winstanley 6-2 Eddie Dootson
Round 3:   Stuart Kellett 6-2 Dean Winstanley

Just £250 won today, although that’s all good as it takes Dean to £1,750 so far, with two more days to go.

Coral UK Open Qualifier Five
Saturday February 21, Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

Round 1:  Dean Winstanley Bye
Round 2:  Stuart Kellett 6-5 Dean Winstanley

Team-mate Stuart again beats Dean in a very tight game, not doing him any favours.  Onto the final qualifier tomorrow.

Coral UK Open Qualifier Six
Saturday February 22, Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

Round 1:  Dean Winstanley Bye
Round 2:  Shaun Griffiths 6-5 Dean Winstanley

Not a great weekend for Dean, nothing like the previous three qualifiers, but Dean still qualifies with £1,750, in 43rd spot.

So Deano will be at the UK Open finals in Minehead next  month, live on ITV4.  If you are interesting in sponsoring him and have your patch on TV, get in touch.

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