European Tour Event 2; Dean Winstanley in Germany

The £100,000 European Tour event will begin on Saturday March 30, with the first round being split across two sessions with games on two stages.  Play continues with the second round being split across two sessions on Sunday, with the action in the final two days being solely held on the main stage.

Dean looks to start his European tour campaign in Germany, and sets his sights on the £20,000 top prize!  His first game is against Scotland’s John ‘Hendo’ Henderson.

The German venue is full of darts mad fans – so Dean will be keen to play in front of them on the big stage.

Round 1:  Dean Winstanley 6-4 John Henderson
Round 2:  Dean Winstanley 6-3 Max Hopp

Dean wins through to round 3 – which is played on a busy Monday, and a min £2,000 banked.

Round 3:  Dean Winstanley 4-6 Paul Nicholson

At 2-0 down, a big 136 checkout for Dean puts him back in the game.  Dean hits 10x 140s, and 3x 180’s in the game, but his doubles let him down, and Nicholson comes out the winner.  Dean averages 94.3 to Pauls 89.98.
Dean in Germany Euro tour 2

Dean in Germany Euro tour 2 (Pic PDC Europe)

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