Dean Winstanley World Matchplay interview by Krispy

As a preview to his upcoming participation in the PDC’s Betfair World Matchplay event in Blackpool, Dean took a few minutes out of his practice to speak to his webmaster and darts journalist Krispy Brown, about how things are going leading into the prestigious tournament…


Hi Dean, you’re about to play in the World Matchplay in Blackpool – where you do rate the tournament in importance and prestige compared to the other PDC Tournaments?

 Hi from what I hear this is one of the best comps to be involved in and it’s a privilege to be involved in it.  I hope I can stamp my ground and make a show off my ability,


How’s your preparation been going – looking forward to next week?

 My prep has been amazing; I’ve put 4 hours+ in a day just to give myself the best chance,


Dean Winstanley cartoon

Dean Winstanley caricature by Jace Parker

Was making the Matchplay something you expected, or hoped for in your first year in the PDC?   It’s a sign you’ve settled into the pro tour very quickly!

 When I started the PDC I made a game plan to make all the TV’s if possible and to get this place out of 32 world class players, I’m well pleased!


How did your first taste of a PDC TV tournament go for you at the UK Open? 

 I was happy with the UK Open as it was my first time.   I was a bit gutted that I didn’t make main stage but this is all a learning curve to hopefully get me main stage all the time.


Well the Matchplay is main stage all the way and number of fans is a step up from Bolton – are you looking forward to showing the fans on Sky what you can do?

 Oh yes I’m really looking forward to the fans, as I did the Grandslam last year, and hearing thousands of fans scream your name is amazing, its major adrenalin rush!


While there are no easy draws in this tournament – you probably could have had easier than Gary Anderson!    Have you played him before?

I’ve never played Gary before, but he’s not number 4 in the world for nothing. I rate Gary top stuff, as a good friend off his, and the situations he’s got through this last 2 years I respect him.  He’s battled through and shown why he is world class.


There’s been a lot of speculation due to Gary’s eye injury – are you taking any notice of that or is it preparation as normal?

 I don’t take any notice of media as you can read too much into it.  As I know Gary he will be on the board everyday getting himself fighting fit for the tournament… he’s a fighter.


You play your first game on Tuesday, the same night as your ‘stable mate’ Justin Pipe.  Do you think it will help or hinder your preparation?

 Being with Justin the past 7 months, the man’s a machine.  He’s a great roomie and a strict practice player, and it will be good for us both I think, as we can shout each other on, and that does help a lot.


Any message to your fans who will be reading this on your website?  

Well the thing I can say to the fans is; if you set your mind to it you can achieve anything, the sky’s the limit if you’re willing to work hard for it!

I would like to thank Matt and Clifton of MDA promotions and Mitchell promotions for giving me the guidance and the belief that I now have.  There a great pair to be managed by.

Also my sponsors these people help a lot; Winamu, DG Utilities, Lyons holiday parks.  You guys make me proud to be wearing your logos.

And a final thank you to the man himself Sir Krispy brown for keeping my site up to date before I’ve put the last dart in the board …


Cheers guys wish me luck!

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