Dean Joining PDC Team on 7 Day Charity Bike Ride

Dean Winstanley will join a group of PDC officials in a seven-day charity bike ride through France, Belgium and the Netherlands this summer.

A group of 20 fundraisers, including on-stage marker Scott Gibling and head of security Cieron Duggan, will be undertaking the 500-mile ‘Two Bridges Challenge’ from August 23-29.

The ride, which will raise money for The Parachute Regiment Afghanistan Trust and The Lewy Body Society, will begin at Pegasus Bridge in Normandy and see the group travel across France and Belgium before heading to the Arnhem Bridge as they visit some of the Second World War’s most famous landmarks.

Dean wins an amazing game vs Gary Anderson at the Matchplay (Pic Lustig/PDC)

Recently at the World Matchplay (Pic Lustig/PDC)

The start at the Pegasus Bridge in Normandy will commemorate the first military action in the Liberation of Europe on June 6 1944, when the Ox and Bucks Parachute Regiment took and held the bridge ahead of the Normandy Landings.

The subsequent arrival at Leopoldsburg in Belgium sees the group visit the headquarters of Lt General Horrocks, which was the launch point of ground forces for Operation Market Garden.

The group will then follow the route takes by XXX Corps to Arnhem Bridge in Holland, where the Parachute Regiment suffered heavy losses during World War II.

Alongside Winstanley, Gibling and Duggan, several members of the PDC’s security staff will undertake the challenge alongside Dee Smith and Sarah Pitcher from the PDC’s merchandise team at Burghley Sports.

Donations can be made to the Two Bridges Challenge by visiting this page.

In addition, fans who attended the Betfair World Matchplay donated over £3,500 in a bucket collection whilst departing the Winter Gardens.

“The reaction of fans who donated at the Betfair World Matchplay was amazing and we thank everyone who made a contribution,” said Cieron Duggan.

“Their donations have been a great inspiration for all of us during training for the Two Bridges Challenge, and all 20 of us can’t wait to get going on August 23.

“Last year, many of us took part a charity walk across the south of England, but we wanted to go even further with this year’s challenge and this will do so because it’s a huge task to complete in seven days.

“The Two Bridges Challenge, though, is for two charities which mean a lot to everyone involved, so to have the support we’ve had – and the determination of Dean Winstanley to be involved – has been brilliant.”

Donations can be made to the Two Bridges Challenge by visiting the Two Bridges Challenge Page here

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