Dean Hits 9 Darter in 2nd Round Loss to Vincent van der Voort

“I’m over the moon to have hit a nine-darter on TV, especially in the World Championship, and I’ve proved to everyone that I can mix it with the best.” – Dean Winstanley

While Dean was disappointed to lose that 2nd round afternoon game at the Ladbrokes Worlds, he bowed out against Vincent van der Voort in some style, hitting a special 9 darter on the Alexandra Palace stage.

There’s very few people to have ever hit the perfect 9 in the world championships, and Dean joins that role of honour in only his first ever year in the PDC.  The £10,000 for his second round loss doesn’t hurt his rankings either.. and the £10,000 for the 9 may not go on the rankings, but it sure will make Christmas special!

Dean’s partner Lorraine Farlam and his manager Matt Ward were there to cheer him on, but it wasn’t quite his day.  The ‘9 dart curse’ seemed to hit home, where players find it hard to concentrate on finishing a game off after hitting the special leg.

A game where a 9 darter wasn't quite enough for Dean

A game where a 9 darter wasn’t quite enough for Dean (Pic Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

Vincent van der Voort 4-2 Dean Winstanley
(3-0, 3-0, 2-3, 0-3, 3-2, 3-2)

Match Stats

Dean Winstanley 2-4 Vincent van der Voort
36 100+ 28
11 140+ 12
1 170+ 0
9 180 7
91.48 Average 90.79
141 High Finish 105
4 Legs Against Throw 6
28% Finishing % 47%


The Deano 9 Darter


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